The Three Stonecutters

One day a man came across 3 stonecutters working in a quarry. Each one was cutting out a block of stone. Curious as to what they were doing he asked the first stone cutter what he was doing. “What? Are you blind?” the stone cutter shouted, “Can’t you see, I’m cutting this stupid piece of stone.” Shocked but still no wiser the man turned to the second stonecutter and asked him what he was doing. “I am cutting this block of stone to make sure that it’s sides are straight and smooth so that the builder can build a straight wall.” Feeling a lot better but still not really any wiser the man turned to the third stonecutter, who seemed to be the happiest of the three, and asked him what he was doing. “I am building a cathedral,” the 3rd stonecutter replied.
Source: TheWorkingManager

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  1. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!for making us remember our basic learnings.
    Really the things have got very very mechanical these days especially as operations research is on our study table……….
    Similarly keeping this big picture in mind,,,,we should be very clear about our aim ,,,every time asking ourselves and raising the bar for each and every one especially for our ownself.We each one work for a cause though it might seem very little if put into small pieces but our thinking make it feel its importance.

    Good Job!!!!!!!!!

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