What Should Be True

Some organizations and initiatives are so successful that a sort of folklore arises around them. John F. Kennedy is said to have asked a janitor scrubbing a floor at Cape Canaveral what he was doing and received the reply, “I’m working to put a man on the moon.” The story is probably apocryphal, as it’s also been attributed to architect Christopher Wren at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Legend or not, the point is that all great legends encapsulate what should be true. We think all workers should believe they are contributing to a worthwhile goal. If they don’t, is it their fault? Or is the burden on leaders to close that gap in the middle of their strategy, ensuring that their visions and goals are communicated in a way that can provide meaning to all they encounter?

Source: Turning Strategic Vision into Action: It’s a Mind Game by Simon Mezger and Maurice Violani | A.T. Kearney Executive Agenda, Volume XIII, Number 1, 2010

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