Remind people (gently) of how much you’ve done for them

There’s a cardboard box company in Illinois that I ran into years ago. It was just phenomenal in terms of responsiveness. They were always on time or ahead of time, and they took on the tough orders. Their track record was brilliant. About a half dozen years ago, the guy who runs the company added two simple, innocent little columns to the end of the invoices. They stated “order requested” and “actual delivery date,” which pointed out, in black and white, that the company was always on time. It sounds corny, but it literally led to about a 20 percent instant overnight boost in business.

He was tooting his own horn; he was not bragging. One must be terribly careful because braggarts are the world’s biggest pain at age 22 or 72. But letting people somehow or other know that you have come through on a regular basis — subtly — makes all sorts of sense to me.

Source: Tom Peters / Business Finance, January 1997

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